Our traditional winter barbecue broke tradition. At the behest of our President, 13 stalwart souls experienced the method of travel our forefathers relied upon this time of year in New Brunswick. We risked life and limb on a sleigh ride and although somewhat chilly the sky was clear and there was no wind.

So bolstered by glasses of Jackie’s World Famous Moose Milk and Mulled Wine these intrepid members huddled together to stay warm and survived the wilds of New Maryland.

Upon our arrival at the lodge the remaining members were found enjoying the heat of the fireplaces and the odd glass of hootch.

That is of course, except for three members who were found outstanding in the snow (a wee attempt at humour) cooking the beautiful steaks that Jackie seems always able to obtain. And for the record, my request for a blue rare steak was met, and upon investigation I understand that although the Club Cooks may take credit they secretly admit that one of our guests was of great assistance to them.

Of course, after the dinner was time for introductions and stories. So, I in the absence of our President and as your Vice President humbly welcomed all the members and the three guests. Following which, in an attempt to emulate former presidents I attempted to tell a humorous story only to be met by a member who couldn’t stop sneezing. I guess that member must be allergic to me or the story.

Pictures of this event have been posted on our Facebook page and I would bet that stories of this years barbecue will get better as time goes on, just like fine wine!!


George Filliter