Memorable Night with George & Barb

 On one of the coldest blusteriest night in March stalwart members of the Club gathered at Auberge Filliter. It was a delightful evening.

The theme of the party was Sedona, Arizona. The Filliters have hosted several of these evenings based on their world–wide travels and this iteration was equally successful.

Upon arrival members enjoyed a social hour of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. And then if you could believe it; there were door prizes.  Hospitality beyond the pale!

Once our appetites and thirsts were sated we dutifully filed upstairs and took our seats in the in-house theatre. George acted as emcee and introduced his latest documentary on the US south-west featuring Utah and Arizona with particular emphasis on Sedona. George, as usual, took some outstanding photographs and knitted these together into a cohesive film.  Barb’s musical selections and passionate asides complimented the photography; the overall result was excellent.

I hasten to add that George and Barb are not merely observers of the sights on their journeys; they are action-oriented – doers.  They trekked the one mile, almost straight down, to the Colorado River and back – strenuous even for the hardy mules which do the journey daily – in order to capture photographs of the fantastic topographical features created by wind and water.

The captivated audience asked, almost demanded more, and George obliged by showing his film on NB. We were impressed. It was suggested by someone and everyone agreed that NB could attract more tourists by using George’s handiwork.

George and Barb thank you so much for your hospitality and entertainment. It was a most pleasant evening and members are looking forward to the next presentation on Iceland with keen anticipation.

Roger Acreman