Lobster and Libation

Dunno why we call it a “Lobster Boil”. More like a Lobster Cut since the little buggers are cooked by Jackie, or her minions. All that remains is to slice their carapaces so our members aren’t forced to damage their dainty digits on the spiny spikes.

Despite their Hartlessness, Rick and Max did a splendid job in this department while George skillfully executed the role of Event Photographer sponsored, predictably, by Nikon. Clifford and Doug tended the steaks with delightful dexterity while Quig photo-bombed and provided comic relief.

We understand that inside the lodge the party was rollicking with Nancy and Norma executing limbo moves while Roger Acreman and John Bliss arm wrestled for a bottle of Glenfrigoffme.

The formal proceedings were hosted by President Josh who did not inflict a quiz on the group but, sensibly, asked Lt. Colonel Dallison to promo the Military History Tour (still a couple of spaces available) and his recent visit to Vimy Ridge. We were spellbound by his artful articulation of a most memorable trip and his failure to fully utilize the skills of his attendant care-giver.

Both Clifford and John ladled out lascivious jokes in which unfortunate Newfoundlanders featured prominently and proficiently. Barb and George are going to Iceland. I’ve informed the Icelandic Embassy so maybe we can avoid another international incident.

It was nice to see several new guests and a few members we’ve not seen in a while. Our new Manager, Francis Perry, was on deck and was reminded repeatedly of the huge volume of footwear he will need to fill.

A presentation to our longtime, amazing Manager, Jacquelyn finished off the evening on a melancholy note. We wish her all the best in her new home. We’ll sure miss her.

A la prochain!

Jim Quigley