Another one bites the dust! The 2017 Tour is history. And what a tour it was!
After understudying Roger Acreman for 15 years, Clifford Kennedy succeeded the logistics master. His enthusiasm and organizational skill ensured smooth processes and prompt arrivals.
Lt. Colonel Dallison, whose mnemonic skills are epic, regaled us with story after story of heroes, deserters, and accomplishment.
The tour’s start, at the Old Burial Ground in Fredericton, was unexpected and gave us the story of Captain John Jacobs – a hero whose memorial stone is a tribute not only to him but to one of our prominent members. Then, we visited the Ripples Internment Camp and Museum where we learned a little-known story of New Brunswick and wartime detention.
Most of us had never heard of Bonar Law until we visited his museum in Rexton. He was the first foreign-born British Prime Minister. He succeeded thanks to his father’s coaching on how to run a farm. The local United Church is being renovated and we were treated to a private tour of the premises.

The day ended with a visit to the grave of a Nursing Sister. Dorothy Phinney was the first Canadian to die while serving in the US Forces. Nancy Acreman, a former nurse, laid a wreath in memory of Dorothy’s short career, tragic death, and extraordinary dedication.

Chalets Du Havre was amazing! Bright, clean, well-appointed and stunningly located they provided us with a superb site to rest and relax before dinner. The restaurant provided excellent food and drink very close by and we all returned to our chalets in varying stages of stuffed-ness.

Day two saw breakfast at the same restaurant followed by an entrancing story of Prisoners of War in Canada and their efficient escape plan to a submarine off the coast of Richibucto.
The Story of Private Eugene Perry, the St. Lawrence Anglican Church, and Le Musee de Kent finished off the morning. Each had its own intrigue and historical significance with eloquent presenters and delightful facilities.
A special lunch and another History Tour was in the bag.
A la prochain!

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Jim Quigley